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My Club Card

Your 2016 Club Card Has Expired... Now What?

In the Spring during your first golfing visit, or during our Open House in April, bring your 2016 Club Card to the Golf Shop to have it renewed. An annual fee of $25.00 is required to receive 25% off your Golf and Power Cart Rentals and 10% off your purchases on Golf Shop Merchandise and Food and Beverages. Feel free to keep your Club Card from last year, or get a new one this spring with a new photo.


About My Club Card

Keep your Club Card for the Spring of 2017 - a reactivation fee will keep your discount going forward. This Spring, you can reactivate your 2016 Club Card in the Golf Shop for the Annual Fee of $25.00


My Club Card is a loyalty program Innerkip Highlands introduced in 2016. This program is available to each of our customers, and is highly recommended for anyone who intends to play 3 rounds of golf or more in a season. My Club Card is designed to provide you with the absolute best value available in golf.


My Club Card is a wallet-sized photo ID card perfect for the frequent golfer, the casual golfer, juniors, couples and families. My Club Card is for individuals who want:

  • The best possible discounts on golf, food and beverages
  • Flexibility
  • Low upfront costs


Benefits of My Club Card

$25 for 25% Off

For the small fee of $25.00 plus HST My Club Card entitles you to 25% off golf and cart rentals and 10% off golf shop merchandise, food and beverage purchases (excludes alcohol). My Club Card has an annual expiration date on December 31st. Each season, you are required to reactivate your Club Card for the price of $25.00. If you require a new card we can re-issue another card, otherwise, please keep your Club Card from the previous season.


In addition to these excellent savings, My Club Card allows you to create a pre-paid balance that is attached to your Club Card Account. This pre-paid balance can be loaded with whatever dollar value you want and can be withdrawn upon for your purchases at the golf club, very similar to the use of a gift card.


We are working on creating a cross-promotion program between Innerkip Highlands and our sister golf course Merry-Hill Golf Club. At this time, this feature is not available but we are looking for a solution for the future. 




Frequently Asked Questions


I Have My Club Card From Last Year, Do I Need a New One This Season?

My Club Card has an annual expiry on December 31st of each year. In the Spring, simply bring in your Club Card from last season and pay the reactivation fee of $25.00. This will keep your discount going forward. If you had a pre-paid balance from the previous year, it will transfer over to your reactivated account automatically.


Does Everyone In My Family Require a Club Card?

Anyone who wants to reap the benefits of the Club Card program requires their own individual Club Card. Each card can be purchased for $25.00.


Can I Bring Guests With Me and Share My Discount With Them?

By all means - the more the merrier! You can bring up to three guests that will receive a 10% discount, while you receive your 25% discount.


What Is The Pre-Paid Balance and Why Should I Create One?

The creation of your pre-paid balance can make your life easier at the golf club by simplifying your transaction time for each and every purchase. Simply pre-pay your balance with a dollar value of your choice (in the same way you would a gift card) and use that as a declining balance for all your purchases. This transaction can be completed with any form of payment (debit card, credit card, cash or cheque). 


If you have money left in your balance at the end of the season, it will remain in your pre-paid balance. You can use this balance to renew your Club Card the following season, or you can simply continue to purchase product until your balance reaches $0.


What If I Lose My Club Card?

Please notify us immediately so we can cancel your Card. The photo ID feature on the Club Card prevents anyone else from using it. A replacement card will be issued immediately for a $10.00 fee.


Click here for more of My Club Card FAQs.


If your questions have not been answered, please call us at 1-800-265-3924 and we will be happy to assist you.